High definition bookshelf background (AI interviewers are also too easy to deceive! Using bookshelf


1. Artificial Intelligence Image Robot

Source | Quantile (ID: QbitAI) Author | Xiao Xiaodang Sitting in front of you is an AI interviewer. How can you improve its popularity? Just add a (virtual) bookshelf background to yourself. like this:

2. Artificial intelligence image generation

That's right, there's no need for any other changes. Simply changing the background, AI interviewers' favorability towards you has increased by 15% in one go! What's going on? What do AI interviewers like? This AI interviewer is from a start-up company in Munich, Germany. According to the developer, it can quickly develop a "Big Five Personality Test" by analyzing the candidate's voice, language, gestures, and facial expressions.

3. High definition artificial intelligence image materials

The results of OCEAN include: openness/novelty O (Openness to experience), conscientiousness C (Consistentness), extraversion E (Extraversion), affinity A (Agreeability)

4. Artificial intelligence image creativity

Emotionality N (Neuroticism): the higher the score of the first four items, the better; the lower the score of the fifth item, the better (less easily emotional). The investigators first recruited a woman and used her self introduction video to "test" the AI interviewer.

5. Artificial intelligence image materials

The following data are the results of this woman's direct interview:

6. Artificial intelligence image high-definition

So, what if she wears glasses?

7. Artificial intelligence image enlargement

A magical thing has happened, and the AI interviewer believes that after she wears glasses, her sense of responsibility will decrease by 10 points!

One of the methods for artificial intelligence images is to use object detection

So, try putting on a hat?

The process of artificial intelligence film reading is reflected in

It seems that AI really likes her wearing a hat. Now, in the eyes of AI interviewers, this woman appears more open, responsible, and less likely to become emotional.

10. Chat GPT artificial intelligence images

I little interesting. Next, the investigators asked another 'candidate' to test the AI interviewer. First, add a bookshelf:

The AI interviewer immediately 'liked' and gave a score almost 15% higher.

The tester placed another photo behind themselves.

AI interviewers also seem to like images with backgrounds, and therefore give higher application scores.

Moreover, even the brightness and darkness of the light can affect the mood of AI interviewers.

If the video brightness is lower, AI interviewers will also give lower scores.