Alibaba Cloud Artificial Intelligence Engineer Certification (Why have artificial intelligence stock


1. List of artificial intelligence stock leaders

Editor's note: Wu Yongyong's fans and friends, on Wednesday morning, some stocks in the artificial intelligence sector experienced a dive. As of the close of the morning, stocks such as Industrial Fulian and Shenzhen Technology fell below the limit, while Halo New Network plummeted 8.66%. The stock prices of the three major operators all fell.

2. List of artificial intelligence stock leaders in 2023

On the news side, on the morning of April 26, at the 2023 Alibaba Cloud Partners Conference, Alibaba Cloud announced the largest price reduction in history, with core product prices down by 15% to 50% across the board, and storage products down by up to 50%. Alibaba Cloud said that as the first cloud computing manufacturer in China and the third largest cloud computing manufacturer in the world, this price reduction will further expand the user base and scale of public cloud, and improve the market penetration of cloud computing.

3. What are the artificial intelligence stocks

In the ninth official competition of the Digging Gold Competition held on the Daily Economic News app, some contestants believed that "currently, Alibaba Cloud, Huawei Cloud, Tianyi Cloud, Tencent Cloud, and others have the highest market share in the domestic cloud service market. It is not clear whether Alibaba Cloud has lowered prices for customers' cloud services this time, and whether other peers have followed suit. It is also difficult to say what impact it will have on the prices of upstream suppliers' products.

4. Top 10 artificial intelligence stock leaders

Generally speaking, there are few industry companies in the segmented fields, and those with high technological barriers. The prices of high-tech products that break foreign technological monopolies will remain stable in the future, such as computing chips. The data center infrastructure expenditure of cloud computing manufacturers in the future will continue to grow, so the industry prospects for cloud service expenditure are relatively optimistic

5. Ranking of artificial intelligence stock leaders

This morning, although the popular sector's artificial intelligence rebounded, the contestants' performance continued to reach new highs. The first contestant, "Angel Tears," achieved a total yield of 24.20%. He sold Zhongke Information and Zhongshi Technology at a profit in the early trading, and then bought several stocks. Currently, he holds a total of 5 stocks. The second contestant, "Meijing Netizen 36552," bought Tangde Film and Television in half on the opening day of this Monday's competition, with a cumulative profit of 36.49%.

6. What are the A-shares of artificial intelligence stocks

He currently only holds this stock and has reached the second place. It is indeed quite impressive about the differentiation of artificial intelligence stocks in the morning. Some contestants believe that "due to some companies' stock prices accumulating some gains and slight news, some funds will sell their stocks without hesitation. Artificial intelligence is the main theme of this year, and the differentiation of individual stocks is normal, and those core beneficiary stocks will continue to rise.

7. Can artificial intelligence stocks still rise

”The Nugget Gold Competition adopts a simulated stock trading format, with a simulated capital of 1 million yuan. The competition lasts for 10 trading days, and everyone participating can win the prize. If the competition ends with a positive return, they will receive a cash reward. Encouragement prizes will be set for those with negative returns! The first place cash reward is 1888 yuan/person (before tax), the second to fourth place cash reward is 688 yuan/person (before tax), and the fifth to tenth place cash reward is 288 yuan/person (before tax); Players with positive returns will receive an equal share of the 1000 yuan cash prize pool (before tax).

8. Artificial Intelligence Stock Code

As long as you sign up, you will get 100N yuan. After the competition, you will be rewarded 100N yuan for negative income players. When N yuan accumulates to a certain amount, you can exchange gifts for each old railway in the APP Mall. The ninth competition will start on April 22. The competition will start on April 24. This year's market may be like 2013. Science and technology stocks are the big theme. Take advantage of the market pullback, download and install the daily economic news APP to sign up for the competition, and work together with all kinds of experts to achieve high returns!.

9. What are the sectors of artificial intelligence stocks

Registration method: First, download the Daily Economic News app, then open the Daily Economic News app, click on "Private Customization", click on "Digging Contest" in the upper left corner, click on "Free Entry", then enter the entry nickname, select the knowing channel, and you can register. It should be noted that the entry nickname can only be obtained during registration.

10. What are the penny stock of AI stocks

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Alibaba Cloud Artificial Intelligence Engineer Certification (Why have artificial intelligence stock

Alibaba Cloud Artificial Intelligence Engineer Certification (Why have artificial intelligence stock


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