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1. List of artificial intelligence stock leaders

Yesterday (May 18th), the three major indices showed fluctuating performance in the afternoon. As of the close, the Shanghai Composite Index rose by 0.40%, the Shenzhen Composite Index fell by 0.12%, and the ChiNext Index fell by 0.68%. Individual stocks in both markets rose and fell in half, with a total transaction volume of about 880 billion yuan. In terms of the sector, the artificial intelligence sector rebounded comprehensively, the CPO concept rose sharply, the media sector rebounded, and the data element concept stocks rose in the late trading session; The sectors of automotive services, genetically modified organisms, hotel catering, and aquaculture saw the highest decline.

2. List of artificial intelligence stock leaders in 2023

In terms of fund flow, northbound funds quickly left the market in the afternoon, selling a net of 1.836 billion yuan throughout the day, and adding over 1 billion yuan in early trading; Among them, Shanghai Stock Connect sold a net amount of 938 million yuan, while Shenzhen Stock Connect sold a net amount of 898 million yuan. As of yesterday's close, the artificial intelligence ETF (159819) closed up 2.62%, with a transaction volume of 351 million yuan. Trading was active, and the fund has accumulated an increase of 28.08% since the beginning of 2023.

3. What are the artificial intelligence stocks

Yesterday's net inflow of funds was approximately 146 million yuan

4. Top 10 artificial intelligence stock leaders

Image source: Wind closely tracks the CSI Artificial Intelligence Theme Index, which closed 2.58% higher at 3049.61. Among the index's constituent stocks, Hongruan Technology rose 15.81%, Oppot rose 10.39%, Jiadu Technology rose 7.57%, and stocks such as Zhongke Shuguang and Meiya Baike followed suit.

5. Ranking of artificial intelligence stock leaders

Image source: On Wind News, on May 18th, the 7th World Intelligence Conference opened in Tianjin, and relevant departments stated at the conference that they will closely grasp the new opportunities for global artificial intelligence development, respect the laws of technological innovation and artificial intelligence development, increase the layout of basic theories and cutting-edge technology research and development of artificial intelligence, create a number of artificial intelligence regional highlands and technology platforms, and deepen the integration of industry, academia, research, and application led by enterprises, Promote artificial intelligence to empower economic and social development.

6. What are the A-shares of artificial intelligence stocks

According to data, the CSI Artificial Intelligence Theme Index selected 50 listed company securities from the Shanghai and Shenzhen markets that provide basic resources, technology, and application support for artificial intelligence as index samples to reflect the overall performance of AI themed listed company securities.

7. Can artificial intelligence stocks still rise

Image source: As of May 18, 2023, as of the official website of the China Securities Index, the top ten heavyweight stocks in the index include iFlytek, Hikvision, Weir, Ziguang, Zhongke Shuguang, Lanqi Technology, etc. The total of the top ten is 48.77% (Data source: China Securities Index Company, index component stocks do not represent individual stock recommendations).

8. Artificial Intelligence Stock Code

Pacific Securities believes that the strong demand for ChatGPT has ignited a wave of AI development. As the core of computing power, AI chips maintain rapid growth in scale, and downstream AI application scenarios are becoming increasingly diverse. The market space is vast. Pay attention to the "Three Swordsmen of the Digital Economy" under E Fund: cloud computing ETFs (516510), over-the-counter connections (Class A: 017853; Class C: 017854); Artificial intelligence ETF (159819), off site connectivity (Class A: 012733; Class C: 012734); Science and Technology Innovation 50ETF E Fund (588080), Off site Connection (Class A: 011608; Class C: 011609).

9. What are the sectors of artificial intelligence stocks

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Artificial Intelligence ETF Stock Bar Forum (【 Morning Express 】 Yesterday, the artificial intellige

Artificial Intelligence ETF Stock Bar Forum (【 Morning Express 】 Yesterday, the artificial intellige


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