Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Fund Rankings (Heavyweight Stocks Make 43% in 4 Days, Black Horse Pla


1. List of artificial intelligence stock leaders

Editor: Wu Yongyong's fans and friends, on Thursday, the artificial intelligence sector continued to adjust, with many of the decline lists being AI stocks. Funds were flowing to undervalued sectors such as pharmaceuticals, insurance, and Chinese characters to avoid risks. In the ninth official competition of the Digging Gold Competition held on the Daily Economic News app, registration for the competition continued to be hot (see the end of the article for registration methods).

2. List of artificial intelligence stock leaders in 2023

。 From the players' operations, some of them seized the opportunity of Xinhua Wenxuan. Due to the upcoming May Day holiday, some players also chose to clear their positions and lock in profits.

3. What are the artificial intelligence stocks

The first contestant, "Meijing Netizen 36552," bought only half of Tangde Film and Television on Monday and cleared the stock this morning. They accumulated a profit of 43.7% on the stock and are currently in a short position. In addition, several contestants cleared their stocks.

4. Top 10 artificial intelligence stock leaders

Today, some contestants experienced a pullback in their earnings. Some contestants expressed that "controlling pullback is more important than profitability. When a model is at its peak, find the reason for your pullback and find ways to change it." Some experts also said, "The core of fundamental stock selection is not current performance, but future performance expectations, which is also prediction. This is the difficulty.

5. Ranking of artificial intelligence stock leaders

”Faced with the continued pullback of artificial intelligence, some players have also stated that "fundamentals are the most core, and promising companies will continue to gain funding favor. In the past two years, hot money and quantitative growth have rapidly emerged, but many of them do not have deep research on fundamentals, so do not be alarmed by the large fluctuations in the market." The Nugget Gold Contest adopts a simulated stock trading format, with a simulated capital of 1 million yuan.

6. What are the A-shares of artificial intelligence stocks

The competition lasts for 10 trading days, and everyone participating can win the prize. After the competition ends, if the profit is positive, they will receive a cash reward. Encouragement prizes will be set for negative profit players! The first place cash reward is 1888 yuan/person (before tax), the second to fourth place cash reward is 688 yuan/person (before tax), and the fifth to tenth place cash reward is 288 yuan/person (before tax); Players with positive returns will receive an equal share of the 1000 yuan cash prize pool (before tax).

7. Can artificial intelligence stocks still rise

As long as you sign up, you will be given 100N. At the end of the competition, negative income players will be rewarded 100N. When N coins accumulate to a certain amount, you can exchange gifts for each old railway in the APP Mall. The registration time for the ninth phase of the competition is from April 22 to May 10. The competition time is from April 24 to May 12, when you download and install the daily economic news APP, while learning the operation skills of experts, you can experience simulated trading and exercise your investment ability!.

8. Artificial Intelligence Stock Code

Registration method: First, download the Daily Economic News app, then open the Daily Economic News app, click on "Private Customization", click on "Digging Contest" in the upper left corner, click on "Free Entry", then enter the entry nickname, select the knowing channel, and you can register. It should be noted that the entry nickname can only be obtained during registration.

9. What are the sectors of artificial intelligence stocks

(The content of this article is for reference only and does not serve as an investment basis. Based on this, we will enter the market at our own risk.) Daily Economic News


Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Fund Rankings (Heavyweight Stocks Make 43% in 4 Days, Black Horse Pla

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Fund Rankings (Heavyweight Stocks Make 43% in 4 Days, Black Horse Pla


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