Top 10 artificial intelligence stock leaders (A-share AI concept "making a comeback" and c


1. List of artificial intelligence stock leaders

On Thursday, the three major A-share indices regained differentiation, and popular sectors such as artificial intelligence and "Zhongzi Tou" emerged from their decline. The resurgence of popular themes drove the Shanghai Composite Index to stabilize and rebound, while the new energy main line, which led the rise at the beginning of the week, turned downward. The sharp decline of heavyweight stocks such as Ningde Times caused the sluggish trend of the ChiNext Index. As of yesterday's close, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3297.32 points, up 0.40%; The Shenzhen Composite Index closed at 11078.28 points, down 0.12%; The ChiNext Index closed at 2277.97 points, down 0.68%.

2. List of artificial intelligence stock leaders in 2023

A total of 879.9 billion yuan was traded in Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges, nearly 100 billion yuan higher than the previous day's volume, but the relatively low level of northbound funds in the past two months was still significantly outflowing yesterday afternoon. The net sales of the top ten actively traded shares announced by the Exchange of 1.836 billion yuan throughout the day showed that Kweichow Moutai Moutai, Wuliangye and other consumer leaders were sold by foreign capital.

3. What are the artificial intelligence stocks

From Monday to Wednesday, during the continuous adjustment process of the artificial intelligence sector, the computing power circuit, represented by CPO (optoelectronic co encapsulation) and storage chips, quietly strengthened. Yesterday, the artificial intelligence sector rebounded collectively, and these sub sectors took advantage of the trend to become leading gainers, especially the CPO concept stocks. Yesterday, the CPO concept stocks rose throughout the day, and the industry leader, Zhongji Xuchuang, rose by over 12% at the opening, Shortly thereafter, a 20% limit increase was imposed.

4. Top 10 artificial intelligence stock leaders

Other concept stocks have followed suit. As of the closing, the CPO concept index released by Dongcai soared 7.49%. On May 17, the official WeChat of Accenture Technology announced that the company recently delivered a series of high-speed optical module in batches to help AI and data center applications; On May 16, the reception agency of Zhongji Xuchuang said that the demand of overseas customers for 800G optical module has grown rapidly since this year, especially the demand from AI has exceeded the expectation at the beginning of the year, and the company's products occupy a high share. In the second half of the year, it will focus on ensuring the smooth delivery of orders.

5. Ranking of artificial intelligence stock leaders

On May 16, the reception agency of Huagong Science and Technology said that the company's first 400G coherent long-distance transmission optical module in the world has received sample delivery orders in succession, and the shipping company began to emphasize that with the advent of the AI big model represented by ChatGPT and the rapid development of related applications, the AI training and reasoning server is expected to further boost the demand for high-speed optical module. It is expected that the shipment of 800G optical module will grow rapidly in the second half of 2023.

6. What are the A-shares of artificial intelligence stocks

Yesterday, the concept of "embodied intelligence" gained momentum, and another major focus of the artificial intelligence sector came from the robot concept. The Shenwan Automation Equipment Industry Index closed up 3.36%, the robot industry surged 18.25%, Tanaka Precision Machinery rose 14.17%, and Korui Technology, Tostar and other companies rose more than 7%. NVIDIA founder and CEO Huang Renxun recently publicly stated that the next wave of artificial intelligence will be "embodied AI", which can be understood An intelligent system that infers and interacts with the physical world.

7. Can artificial intelligence stocks still rise

Huang Renxun introduced Nvidia VIMA, NVIDIA's multimodal embodied intelligence system, which can perform complex tasks, acquire concepts, understand boundaries, and even simulate physics under the guidance of visual text prompts. At Tesla's 2023 shareholders' meeting held on May 16 local time, Tesla CEO Musk also stated that humanoid robots will be Tesla's main source of long-term value in the future.

8. Artificial Intelligence Stock Code

In the future, everyone will have a humanoid robot, and this market will surpass electric vehicles, possibly in the tens of billions of dollars, "Musk said. Tesla's shareholder meeting also released the latest demonstration video of Optimus (Optimus Prime) humanoid robots, in which Optimus completes a series of complex tasks, such as classifying and placing objects based on AI learning human behavior.

9. What are the sectors of artificial intelligence stocks

CITIC Securities Review believes that Tesla Robotics has made comprehensive progress, with continuous improvement in motion control and AI learning abilities. CITIC Securities stated that end-to-end imitation of human actions is a long-term goal in the field of robotics. When robots master the ability to imitate human behavior, it can reduce or even eliminate pre programming for every detail of robot actions, which is expected to promote the leapfrog development of the robotics industry.

10. What are the penny stock of AI stocks

The development of robots is "hardware first", and it is recommended to focus on hardware subdivision areas that are expected to fully benefit from policy support and industrial development trends. Whether it is CPO or "embodied intelligence", high-tech innovation has always been an important factor in promoting the rise of the main line of technological growth. Haitong Securities believes that, looking at the whole year, the digital economy represents a large growth space, and the future market may enter a stage of eliminating false and retaining true through performance verification, Suggest paying attention to the two main opportunities of policy and technology.

Haitong Securities stated that from a technical perspective, the implementation of artificial intelligence applications represented by ChatGPT is expected to benefit upstream software and hardware fields such as large models and semiconductors. Currently, technology giants are increasing their development of AI models, such as Google's recent release of the PaLM 2 model, which has surpassed GPT-4 in some logical and reasoning results, and the AI model market is expected to accelerate development.

In the view of Chen Guo, Chief Strategy Officer of CITIC Construction Investment, the AI concept will enter a period of adjustment and rest after experiencing a significant increase in intensity. However, the AI wave is not yet over, and the AI market will shift from thematic opportunities to fundamental drivers. "In the medium to long term, the main obstacle to the landing and application of the domestic AI industry in various industries is still in the hardware aspect, and future opportunities in the hardware field can be focused on the introduction of relevant policies.

At the same time, we note that the machine learning branch in the AI concept is a good medium to long-term layout direction, "said Chen Guo


Top 10 artificial intelligence stock leaders (A-share AI concept "making a comeback" and c

Top 10 artificial intelligence stock leaders (A-share AI concept "making a comeback" and c

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