Will the Shanghai Composite Index fall below 3000? (The Shanghai Composite Index has fallen by nearl


1. List of artificial intelligence stock leaders

On May 23rd, the A-share market, which had mixed ups and downs at the opening, showed a fluctuating downward trend. As of the time of publication, the Shanghai Composite Index fell by nearly 1%, while the Shenzhen Composite Index and ChiNext Index fell by more than 0.5%. From an individual stock perspective, more than 2800 stocks fell, with less than 2100 stocks rising. In the early morning trading, northbound funds continued to flow out and the net outflow gradually expanded. As of the time of publication, the net outflow exceeded 3.5 billion yuan.

2. List of artificial intelligence stock leaders in 2023

From the perspective of the sector, the decline of big finance, Chinese characters and artificial intelligence concepts is higher. At the same time, the concept stocks of COVID-19 new specific drugs continue to rise. Nearly 10 individual stocks such as Hanyu Pharmaceutical, Sanbo Brain Science and Tuoxin Pharmaceutical are up by 10% or more. Yuekai Securities believes that the market always fluctuates between expectations and reality at the beginning of the economic recovery and bull market, and the market trend is highly synchronized with the stability and recovery of profits. From the current fundamentals, The expectations for both the numerator and denominator ends have been corrected, and positive factors are expected to gradually accumulate.

3. What are the artificial intelligence stocks

In terms of industry configuration, focus on the direction of "strong players remain strong+bottom improvement+poor expectations": 1) Under the catalysis of policies and technologies, there is a potential opportunity for the outbreak of the AI+sub sectors of the digital economy that Davis has double clicked on, such as communication, media, and electricity; 2) From a fundamental perspective, there are opportunities for niche industries with improved performance at the bottom, such as industries with just in demand consumption and early cycles, such as pharmaceuticals, commercial retail, and infrastructure chain; 3) There are investment opportunities in sub sectors with poor expectations, such as export-oriented industries such as automobiles, power equipment, and mechanical equipment that benefit from the depreciation of the Chinese yuan and are expected to see their performance increase.

4. Top 10 artificial intelligence stock leaders

Zhongyuan Securities believes that on Monday, the A-share market was hit by obstacles and underwent slight fluctuations. The Shanghai Composite Index showed a basic operating characteristic of slight fluctuations throughout the day. Currently, the average P/E ratios of the Shanghai Composite Index and the ChiNext Index are 13.04 times and 36.75 times respectively, below the median level of the past three years. The market valuation is still in a relatively low area, suitable for medium to long-term layout.

5. Ranking of artificial intelligence stock leaders

The trading volume of the two cities on Monday was 795.4 billion yuan, which is in the middle range of daily average trading volume in the past three years. Recently, the industry sector has shown a strong rotational effect, with a significant rebound in on-site financing funds and a rebound in fund activity. The overseas banking crisis has been promptly addressed by all parties, and its impact on the market has decreased. The overall stock index is expected to maintain a volatile pattern in the future, while closely monitoring changes in policy, funding, and external factors.

6. What are the A-shares of artificial intelligence stocks

It is recommended that investors maintain a 60% position and focus on investment opportunities in industries such as electricity, medical services, food and beverage, and automobiles in the short term


Will the Shanghai Composite Index fall below 3000? (The Shanghai Composite Index has fallen by nearl

Will the Shanghai Composite Index fall below 3000? (The Shanghai Composite Index has fallen by nearl

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