Fenda Technology's boss Xiao Fen (Fenda Technology: Artificial intelligence speakers are not ye


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On May 20th, Cailian News Agency (Reporter Wang Biwei): "The small boat of friendship can be overturned as soon as it is overturned." "I am not willing to reduce my holdings in stocks." Unlike the "stable" performance of traditional electronic manufacturing enterprises, at the performance meeting of Fenda Technology (002681. SZ) held yesterday afternoon, in the face of investors' doubts about the company, the response of executives was slightly "straightforward".

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In addition, due to the recent popularity of AI applications in smart speakers, as a smart speaker supplier for important C-end manufacturers such as Alibaba, Fenda Technology's smart speaker business has become a focus of investors' attention. "The decline in the company's first quarter performance was mainly affected by the continuous decrease in order demand in the fourth quarter of last year, resulting in less optimistic order volume at the beginning of this year, and delayed delivery of some products leading to a decline in revenue in the first quarter.

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Based on the current situation, the company has abundant orders in the second quarter and its performance will gradually return to normal. The company is optimistic about future performance, "explained Xiao Xiao, Director and Financial Director of Fenda Technology." In 2022, unlike the downturn of most consumer electronics companies, Fenda Technology's net profit deduction increased by 221% year-on-year.

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However, from the performance of Q1 this year, Fenda Technology's high growth status has not continued the Q1 company's operating revenue of 514 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 25.26%; The net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company was 14.7914 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 31.32%. In 2021, Fenda Technology successfully "took off its hat". Amidst this year's declining performance, some investors questioned whether the company would face the risk of wearing a hat this year. Xiao Xiao Xiao responded bluntly, saying that "the small boat of friendship can be overturned as soon as it is overturned".

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At present, the application of AI in various fields has become the most concerned topic in the market. In response to a reporter from Cailian News Agency, the company's chairman Xiao Fen stated that "the company's intelligent speakers, intelligent wearables, intelligent door locks, and other products all have the support of AI technology." Among them, the application of the intelligent speaker sector is the most concerned direction in Fenda Technology's business. Director and General Manager Xie Yuping stated that the company is a mainstream supplier in the intelligent speaker field, with customers including Alibaba Yandex et al.

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Regarding whether models such as Chatgpt and Tongyi Qianwen have been integrated, Zhou Guiqing, Deputy General Manager and Secretary of the Board of Directors of the company, stated that "the artificial intelligence speakers currently produced by the company have not been integrated with large model technology." In addition, investors have raised doubts about the progress of Fenda Technology's intelligent lock business. In response to the high price of Huawei's outsourced intelligent lock C-end, but the company still suffers losses, Xie Yuping responded, Due to the fact that the company's intelligent door lock business sector is still in the initial stage of development, and the current production has not reached the breakeven point, it is still in a state of loss.

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However, given the small scale and low penetration rate of the domestic smart door lock market, the industry is still in its early stages and has great development space in the future. The company is confident in turning losses into profits in the future. It is worth mentioning that Xiao Fen, the chairman of Fenda Technology, has reduced his holdings multiple times from the end of last year to April this year, including on March 26 of this year, Xiao Fen transferred his approximately 91.23 million shares of the company through an agreement, without selling or circulating them, 5% of the total share capital of the company is transferred to Gree Financial Investment at a price of 4.38 yuan per share.

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Regarding investors' exclamation that "they are confident that the stock price should not be reduced", Xiao Fen admitted that "I am not willing to reduce my holdings of stocks, but based on the need for loan repayment upon maturity, please understand" (Editor Cao Jingchen)


Fenda Technology's boss Xiao Fen (Fenda Technology: Artificial intelligence speakers are not ye

Fenda Technology's boss Xiao Fen (Fenda Technology: Artificial intelligence speakers are not ye

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