Summer Night Story Collection Real Name Story Collection: Story Collection (20) Unexpectedly


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Doctor's medicine box, someone is carrying itoneA doctor is treating his wife. He invites the doctor into the inner room and waits outside the door on his ownabsencetemporaryThe doctor poked his head out and asked, "Do you have a screwdriveroneLater, the doctor had to continue with pliers and hammer again. This person finally enduredabsenceStopped and said, "What exactly is my wife suffering from?" Doctor:“absenceI know, my medicine box hasn't been opened yet.

Do you need a certificate? My boyfriend was walking at night when he suddenly encountered a robber who was blocking the way and using a knife to force him, saying, 'Take the money!'! Stop talking nonsense! My boyfriend emptied his pocketequipmentButoneI don't have any money, just take it outoneTuai Paper: No money, do you need a certificate? The robber is fucked uponeMouth, roaring: Don't stimulate me, get lost! wantabsenceIt's this damn thing, can I come out and grab it?.

The conditions of the bear family are particularly good, and they are extremely wealthy. When they go to the Arctic for summer vacation, they call polar bears to MalaysiaTourism in West Asia is called the Malay Bear Beach, where the sun is scorching and brown bears are exposed to the sun before living in Africa3In the year of Nian, he transformed himself into a black bear and followed the trend, giving birth to a teddy bear. He married a dog, gave birth to a bear, a cat married it, and the offspring were pandas. Finally, his family ran out of property and he became a unlucky bear.

Do you know how old your mother is this year? Kindergarten teacher askedoneLaurie: "Little friend, do you know how old your mother is this year?" Laurie looked up for a moment and said, "My mother is five years old this year." The teacher asked again:“WhyWhat about it Answer: "She gave birth to me before becoming a mother. I am five years old this year, so she is also five years old." What a cute answer!

Proportional Husband: In the future, I will give you the money I earn proportionally. If I earn more, I will keep more. This will have a positive attitude. Wife: Good Husband: What percentage will I give you? Wife:%1Bai Er went to the wrong box and was promoted to the county magistrate. The officials celebrated, drinking less alcohol, singing less... Finally tired, it's time to go home, director and driver1Left1Hold him home on the right side, "Bang Bang Bang... ".

The door opened, × Madam Chang1FacialabsenceHappy, about to reprimand, × Chang slightly opened his eyes and glanced1Eyes, repeatedly said, "Wrong, wrong, wrong box. That young lady is not so old

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Summer Night Story Collection Real Name Story Collection: Story Collection (20) Unexpectedly

Summer Night Story Collection Real Name Story Collection: Story Collection (20) Unexpectedly

医生药箱 某人带着一位医生给妻子看病,他把医生请进里屋,自己在门外等候。 不久,医生探出头来问:“有螺丝刀吗?”...

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