What does Famine Accelerator Accelerate? Famine: Pocket Edition: How to Accelerate Mobile Game Famin


In this rapidly developing internet era, everyoneNew innovations and breakthroughs are emerging every day. Now, let's talkoneTalking about recent developments in the internet industryoneSome hot topics, see what amazing things are happening.

The 'Tap Accelerator' is1A mobile game accelerator produced by TapTap, which can accelerate global good games for players for free! For mobile games in China, the "Tap Accelerator" can effectively reduce latency andtenPack rate, reduce lag; For overseas gamestakeThe international server and "Tap Accelerator" use high-quality international dedicated lines, allowing friends to enjoy themselves in China.

This guide will introduce you to how to use the "Tap Accelerator". Firstly, you need to install the "Tap Accelerator" P.S. It is recommended that you search for and use the "Tap Accelerator" on TapTap. This way, the version update will be the most timely and the functions that can be used will be the mostMany!

2. Open the 'Tap Accelerator' and discover the game you want to play

In the accelerator, you can find and obtain global good games through methods such as "switching regions" and "searching". At present, the number of games in the game library is very abundant, which is definitely enough to play~31Key on acceleration

After obtaining the gameafterClick the "Start" button on the right to enable successful accelerationafterYou can see real-time network data. If you feel that the delay is still relatively high, or it may improveabsenceObviously, you can click on the "Node Switch" button to try switchingabsenceThe same node, "Tap Accelerator," is specifically configured with separate nodes for each game.

4. Other functions: dual channel acceleration, network detection, and more

「Tap加速器」还支持双通道加速,通俗地说就是同时连接 流量 & Wi-Fi,当 Wi-Fi 网络状况absenceWhen good, you can seamlessly switch to traffic relayKeep playing, that's itabsenceThere will be lag and disconnection; In addition, there is a network detection function, and friends can also test the network speed before a match.

There are more features waiting for everyone to explore the "Tap Accelerator". Come and use the "Tap Accelerator" to accelerate the game! Tap Accelerator - Free Acceleration Global Good Game "Tap Accelerator" Accelerated Mobile Game: Game King Duel League, NBA 2K, PUBG MOBILE: Jedi Survival M (Taiwan), QQ Flying Car, Crossing the Line of Fire, LOL: Wild Rift, Shining Warm (Taiwan), Rhythm Hive, Pok é mon Collection, Project T3, Light Encounter, Yin Yang Master, Racing Maiden, Usage Man, Hearthstone Legend (US), Sailing King Hot Blood Route, Animal Forest Pocket Camping, Tribal Conflict, Steam, Fortrite Night, FinalOrigins (Hanfu), Jedi Survival KR, Princess Connection, Pokemon UNITE, Sword Spirit: Revolution (Taifu), PES 2021, Battle Double Pamish, Blue Archive, FGO (Japanese), Hearthstone Legend, Dragon Ball Z Burst Battle, Jiangnan Scenery Map, Tomorrow's Ark, EjectionThe worldBoxing King: All Star (Taiwan), Fifth Personality, PUBG MOBILE LITE, Blue Route, Vital Knight, Wilderness Fighting (International), Sky Adventure (International), Call of Duty, Cat and Mouse, LOL League of Legends mobile game, Vanity (European), MineThe worldConfrontation 2, Naruto, Flame Emblem: Hero, White Night Aurora, ChaptersevenEpic, FIFA Football (International), Call of Duty (American), Monster Pinball (Japanese), PUBG MOBILE Traverse, Final Fantasy: Revelation of Courage, DestinyZi (Taiwan uniform), Lost Dragon Appointment, Flash Party, Tomorrowafter, Genshin Impact (international service), Baokemeng Master, Wild Fighting, Manwei: Super War, Hearthstone Legend (European service), TFT Cloud Top Game, King's Glory, Sausage Party, Ball and Ball Battle, PokeMMO, Among Us, King of Game Duel Link, ROBLOX, Call of Duty (Taiwan service), Sword Divine Region, Fairyland Legend RO, Super Foreign Princess Link (Taiwan service), Shadow Poetry (Taiwan service), Ghost Cry, Adventure Island M (Taiwan service), Moore Manor,The worldPlan: Colorful Stage Feat. Hatsune Miku, Two Countries: InterlacingThe world, Legendary duel (Taiwan costume), Daredevil duel, Genshin Impact, Collapse 3, Dota hegemony, decisive battle in Ping'an Beijing, peace elite, etc.

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What does Famine Accelerator Accelerate? Famine: Pocket Edition: How to Accelerate Mobile Game Famin

What does Famine Accelerator Accelerate? Famine: Pocket Edition: How to Accelerate Mobile Game Famin

「Tap加速器」是一款由 TapTap 出品的手机游戏加速器,可以为玩家免费加速全球好游戏!对于国内的手游,「Tap加速...

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