Huang Yi became angry. Huang Yi cried out a vat of tears, and there was no possibility of redeeming


The internet has become a part of our daily livesabsencePossible or lackingonePart of it brings many surprises and changes. Today, let's focus on the recent developments in the internet fieldoneExplore this limitless possibility together on some exciting eventsThe world.

Tencent Entertainment Special Article (article/Jia Jia) Recently, following Dong Jie's lead on children's showsafterHuang Yi followed suit and lost control of his emotions during the program, shedding tears as he reminisced about the past and exclaimed:“1Everything is fate, "Daughter Dangdang reached out to help her mother wipe her tears. She was obedient and could see that Huang Yi wanted to work hard to uncover thoseabsenceIn the past, I hope to reposition my image based on the character of a good mother.

butabsenceFortunately, in terms of public opinion, people can easily forget about toxic vaccines and even man-made accidents, but they can always remember the "dark history" of celebrities1Pan Yueming of the Second Chu Dynasty in the Qing Dynasty1The micro blog once again blocked Dong Jie's path of white washing, and Huang Yi complained bitterly about Huang Yi, although Huang Yiqing only made a small roast1Lie down in sentencesA gun is also enough to make sure that the storm is over.

In the news comments, what netizens are still worried about is her infidelity, using hyaluronic acid, changing her face, and even being criticized for frequently exposing children to others - this is basically the scope of online violence1Since his debutabsencetiredThe star of a classic character, performed with her own life1The lively scenes of dog blood show to fans have actually lost the love of most fans.

In social media and interview programs, the more eager she is to express her victim's identity and win public sympathy, the more questioning and satire she has attracted. Ironically, many voices of sympathy for her are based on disgust with Huang Yiqing's behavior. In many posts about Huang Yi, those who were once fans, Recalling her previous roles in "Getting Married in the Wrong Sedan Chair," "New Son-in-law," "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," and "The sequel to Huanzhu Ge Ge Ge,",1Bian praised her beauty back then,1Bian sighed at the changes in her appearanceabsenceFixed,She exclaimed about her special physique of easily encountering scumbags.

Although some people may also write wishes for her to live a good life in the future, this kind of wish,takeFans' bottomless maintenance of celebrities is already a distant sight, even if Zheng Shuang is at the peak of his life1Even if he messes up various scenes, fans will still think that's the true nature of Han Geng. Even if he exposes his history of stealing computer hacks, fans will still feel that he is honest.

What are fans? Crying and shouting to owe the Star Lord1The movie ticket is for fans; Crying and shouting to marry Wu Yanzu and Song Zhongji are fans; Suffering for one's own idolabsenceIt is fans who launch a group attack for fair treatment; Even if the idol is in a bad movie, they have to pay to watch it. The most direct manifestation is their ability to attract money, drive box office revenue, and convert endorsements into purchasing power.

this1Cut1For Huang Yi, it's already a luxurious past and losing fans' appeal. For celebrities, the biggest downside is the shrinking financial resources, for example, in the 20th centuryHuang Yi, who has been able to endorse a certain makeup brand and watch for 12 years, has become the latest event to endorse a local mall and1Some starry ginsengtakeSoy sauce is used in commercial activities.

Behind the unconditional maintenance of celebrities by fans, it is essentially1As celebrities, their image or persona must match the best self in the eyes of fans - with vision, taste, and presencenatureThe higher the star, the higherabsenceThe more accessible it is, the more fans feel about their tasteabsenceAnything like Stephen Chow and Faye Wong1I always maintain a high and cold demeanor, but in exchange for the fans' infatuated admiration of the Long Sword.

The success of celebrities in the secular sense, the biggest bragging significance for fans, lies in: you see, I did not choose the wrong person! From a phenomenal perspective, fans are the mostabsenceTolerable, andabsenceIt's the bad deeds of celebrities (for example, Ke Zhendong, who has smoked drugs, still hasabsenceDon't admire his iron fans; Guo Jingming's attitude towards accusations of plagiarism did not make him lose too many fans, but rather the weakness of the celebritytakeabsenceIntelligence,Because it makes them appear to have low taste and visionabsenceJi.

And the collapse of the persona is simply deceiving in the eyes of fanstakeBetrayal, such as Ajiao, who couldn't continue her pure path after Yanzhao, has not been able to turn around and confront Dong Jie until todayabsenceaccording toabsenceRao, it's basically the same. Imagine1Next, if Dong Jie saysabsenceIt's' we all have to accept the facts', but 'since I have chosen this path myself, I have to go on with tears in my eyes', public opinion reaction1setabsenceSame as.

Accumulated by countless facts1The life experience is: a star who carries a heavy burden from the past wants toResurrection from ashesThe first thing to do1Point is, absolutelyabsenceBeing able to show weakness, the weak can only gain superficial sympathy and inner contempt. The more ruthless the weakness, the faster the fans fall out1NeedsautomaticThe idol who seeks sympathy and support from fans hasabsenceI'm an idol again.

even ifabsenceIt's a celebrity, as1An ordinary person, if you want to win friends, it's also bestabsencewant3dayboth endsExpose oneself on Weibo or social mediaA vulnerable heart waits for comfort and sympathyThe worldThe cheapest and most useless on the marketequipment1The sentence with tears in it is very silly and naive, in exchange for another person, Zhong YongtemporaryLady Li, the favorite concubine of Emperor Wu of Han, once said1A golden sentence: Those who use color to attract people, but their color fades and they love to gallop.

This sentence is understood by many people asabsenceRegardless of age, most people have to strive to maintain their appearance, which is simply superficial. The more meaning this sentence wants to express is that although appearance is sometimes just, in order to stand tallabsenceThe land of defeat, foreverabsenceCan only rely on1Even Lady Li, who was witty, probably never expected that after her own death, Emperor Wu of Han would still turn a ruthless face when executing her brother family.

Where is there any fan loyalty? "The Princess's Promotion" is right:1Walking on one leg means falling down, and walking on two legs is safe