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The internet has become a part of our daily livesabsencePossible or lackingonePart of it brings many surprises and changes. Today, let's focus on the recent developments in the internet fieldoneExplore this limitless possibility together on some exciting eventsThe world.

After a brief and meticulous preparation at the designated time, Li Yu led several close aides and one8 elite soldiersonePedestrians rush to Yuexing Inn on a starry night journey, and they also need to find ways to disguise themselves and pass through along the wayoneYongping Town, a military hub on the border between Gekang and KoreatakeAt the same time, fifteen miles northwest of Yuexing Inn, Cai Gong's confidant and the Chengfeng Escort Team responsible for escorting huge funds are also heading towards the inn! The yellow sand is endlessoneThe road is speechless.

The next day at noon, the escort team arrived at Yuexing Inn. At this time, the inn gate was tightly closed and the surrounding areaoneThe silence seemed to be waiting for some kind of escort team, and everyone looked around vigilantly, gripping their swords. At that moment, the inn door opened and they walked out insideoneA skinny man smiled and bowed to greet everyone in the escort teamDear guests, please welcome to Yuexing Inn. I am the waiter here. Would you like to have a meal or stay?.

Little Second Brother, we are the escort team of the Beining Chengfeng Escort Agency. Can we have a clean and secluded wing room for the escort? Let's take a break and wait for the handover? The head of the escort team asked the bartender, and his eyes flashed1The silk looked strange, but it quickly returned to normal. "Some guests please come inside," the escort team leader and Cai Gong nodded and waved to signal the escort team to enter the inn.

The bartender warmly welcomed everyone to the lobby, poured tea and presented the food to the escort team1Eating at the same time1Observing the surroundings, the entire inn was arranged in a simple and elegant manner without any abnormalities. After lunch, the lead escort looked at the crowd and called for the bartender to say, "Young man, we are1A total of twenty people require ten rooms, and we also need to store them1Some goodsabsenceIs it convenient to know? The bartender nodded repeatedly: Of course, it's convenient for our inn to have a dedicated warehouse where customers can store their goods.

Zhao Jiu, Wang SongyouWe two followed the younger brother to store the goods in the warehouse with caution, "the lead escort said to the two escorts in the team. Zhao Jiu and Wang Song responded in unison," Yes! Then I followed the bartender to store the goods1Later, Zhao Jiu and Wang Song returned and reported to the lead escort that the goods had been stored properly. The lead escort nodded and then turned to the bartender and said, "Little brother, take us to the room.

The bartender answered1The sound led everyone to the guest room, and the lead escort pushed them away1After seeing that the guest room was still clean and tidy, he said to the bartender, 'Thank you very much, little brother.' He said, 'Take out the dart head from your arms.'1Some silver coins, handed to the bartender and said, 'This is our room fee and the cost of storing the goods. The excess will be treated as a reward for the bartender.'.

The bartender took the silver and thanked him repeatedly: Thank you, sir. Thank you, sir. The escort smiled and saidabsenceYou're welcome, we also need the help of the second brother. As the lead escort waved his hand, the shop assistant left