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1. The advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence

AI artificial intelligence has been applied in many fields; Recently, the art field has also been invaded by AI. At an art exhibition, a contestant used AI drawing tools to generate works and won an award. In a flash, discussions about the development of AI artificial intelligence have become lively, and people have also pondered the pros and cons of AI learning.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence

The gap between AI and AI artists is more the "human" gap in AI. In an art exhibition held in the United States, Allen used AI mapping tool Midjournal to generate space opera, which won the championship in the digital art category. Many artists accused Allen of cheating by using AI to generate works.

3. Debate on the pros and cons of artificial intelligence

In fact, this work was not generated by AI software and directly taken to the contest. In the middle of the contest, the author also used Photoshop to color the work in contrast to the champion work space opera, which was posted on the social platform by netizens through the AI keyword "salmon backtracking".